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Préface Par Pascal Ausseur, directeur général de l’institut FMES The conflict in Ukraine continues, ever further from the blitzkrieg scenario imagined by Vladimir Putin. This second half of 2022 was marked by the surprise counter-offensive...

Institut FMES
Where is Jordan headed?

Marion SORANT, FMES associate member of the Strategic Monitoring Centre for the Mediterranean and the Middle East (OS2MO) Summary Jordan, which hosted the second regional annual Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership on 20 December...

Marion Sorant
Iran: The Bomb is Ticking

Dr Mohammed Al Zaabi Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article do not represent those of France, nor those of the FMES Institute, but of the author who spent a month at the FMES Institute...

Mohammed Al Zaabi
What future for the Mediterranean?

In this episode of .think atlantic, IRI’s Thibault Muzergues is joined by Fabrizio Luciolli, Pascal Ausseur, Balkan Devlen and Olfa Hamdi to talk about the past, present and future of the Mediterranean space. As the...

Pascal Ausseur
What next for Iran ?

Pierre Razoux, academic and research director at FMES, author of The Iran-Iraq War (Harvard University Press), winner of the Society for Military History’s prize for the best book of 2016. SummaryThe ratification of the ultraconservative...

Pierre Razoux
What future for Libya?

Benoît de la Ruelle, associate member of the Mediterranean and Middle East Strategic Monitoring Centre (OS2MO). The brutal fall of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime, a consequence of foreign intervention in 2011, certainly put an end to...

Benoit de la Ruelle
Sudan, Russia’s new gateway to Africa and the Indian Ocean

[wc_button type= »primary » url= » » title= »French version » target= » » url_rel= » » icon_left= » » icon_right= » » position= »center » class= » »]French version Russia, which wants to play a leading role in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, is looking to provide itself with a...

Arnaud Peyronnet
Russian-Iranian relations

“It was definitely an important event that could give a new impetus to Russia-Iran relations,” Safarov said. Pierre Razoux, a regional analyst and academic director at the Mediterranean Foundation of Strategic Studies (FMES) think tank,...

Pierre Razoux

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