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What future for the Mediterranean?

In this episode of .think atlantic, IRI’s Thibault Muzergues is joined by Fabrizio Luciolli, Pascal Ausseur, Balkan Devlen and Olfa Hamdi to talk about the past, present and future of the Mediterranean space. As the Latin origins of the name suggest, the ”Sea between lands” has seen hundreds of years of changes, developments, and plays a critical role in the security of Europe as we know it today. Pascal Ausseur, a retired admiral from the French Navy and the current General Director of the Mediterranean Foundation of Strategic Studies (FMES) shares his insight on the following topics:

What can the transatlantic allies do to promote stability in the Mediterranean? What is the concept of enlarged Mediterranean? Should we brace ourselves for more tensions or on the contrary should we expect more cooperation between the allies in the field of Energy? What can the West do to regulate migration flows?