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Irak – 2006 – The Iraq Study Group Report – James Baker, Lee Hamilton

Letter from the Co-Chairs
There is no magic formula to solve the problems of Iraq. However, there are actions that can be taken to improve the situation and protect American interests.
Many Americans are dissatisfied, not just with the situation in Iraq but with the state of our political debate regarding Iraq. Our political leaders must build a bipartisan approach to bring a responsible conclusion to what is now a lengthy and costly war. Our country deserves a debate that prizes substance over rhetoric, and a policy that is adequately funded and sustainable. The President and Congress must work together. Our leaders must be candid and forthright with the American people in order to win their support…

Arabie saoudite – 2015 05 05 – L’Arabie saoudite dans l’engrenage yéménite, par B. Barthe – Le Monde

Deux semaines après que Riyad a annoncé, sur un ton triomphal, la fin des bombardements intensifs au Yémen et le début d’une nouvelle phase axée sur la recherche d’une solution diplomatique, les frappes contre les milices houthistes se poursuivent à un rythme toujours aussi soutenu et les négociations sont au point mort, attestant du progressif enlisement de l’Arabie saoudite dans la crise yéménite. …